PewDiePie Congratulations FULL SONG Fortnite Creative Music Blocks

► So what happened in PewDiePie Congratulations Full Song Fortnite Creative Music Blocks video? Well… Last week I made Congratulations song with Fortnite Music Blocks, now here is the full version of the song. The longest track, just for one song. Subscribe to the PewDiePie! Let’s rock the song with and without the acapella 😀 […]

Someone made Pokemon Let’s Go FORTNITE Edition

► So what happened in Someone made Pokemon Le’ts Go FORTNITE Edition video? Well… Were you crazy about Pokemon go? Let’s see how it looks like in Fortnite. I had a little enlightenment about Fortnite, you should check it… My PC got fried, I was so mad about it, I couldn’t record anything because of […]

EPIC Custom Sword Fight Gamemode (Fortnite)

► So what happened in Epic Custom Sword Fight video? Well…In the last video, Laura asked you do you wanna see a sword fight? So here we are! Again, me and Laura. Let’s start with the sword battle. Who will win the game? What do you think? If you think it will be me, write […]

Fortnite World Record Attempt / LONGEST BOOM BOW SHOT

► So what happened in Fortnite world record attempt video? Well…Are you ready for the longest distance killing with me and Laura?! Join Tony as he attempts to BREAK a Fortnite world record! Also use creator code: TonyTCTN   Copyright • TCTNGaming 2019


► So what happened in Lava Destroys Tilted Towers video? Well… We checked out the new things added in the new update, which include a new trap, the poison trap. Also the new LTM Gamemode (limited time mode) Floor is Lava. And it’s absolutely crazy. The lava eats the whole map! Liked how lava destroys […]

*NEW* The Floor is Lava Parkour (Fortnite The Floor is Lava Tribute)

► So what happened in *NEW* The Floor is Lava Parkour video? Well.. In honor of the new LTM The Floor is Lava in Fortnite Battle Royale – I played the floor is lava parkour map, from Fortnite creative. If you want to play it yourself, here’s the island code – 9212-1228-9476 There was a […]