JOHN CENA WINS $1,000,000,000 PRICE | GTA 5 Roleplay (WWE Bounty Hunters)

So what happened in JOHN CENA WINS video?
Well… Brock Lesnar is hurting people in town, doing his WWE and UFC moves, he even did the SPEAR to a person, poor guy. Once the news channel gets a hold of that information, the Bounty Hunter HQ gives out a HUGE contract for Brock Lesnar’s head, dead or alive for 1 billion dollars. All of their agents see the message, some of them are far away but still decide to go after Brock for the huge reward. One of them is JOHN CENA WINS, he is the second closest to Brock, but Brock is also very dangerous, who will come out on top at the end? Find out in the video!
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