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Super Tony Wars is a game about a funny guy who does videos on YouTube and his name is Tony… Wait, that’s me! I’m the hero in this game, finally! On my YT channel, TCTNGaming, I do gaming stories with some of your favourite characters, villains and superheroes alike, for example, Thanos, Freddy from FNAF and the list goes on. Oh, and all of them are BOSS FIGHTS in Super Tony Wars!

I wanted to make it even crazier and decided to be a new superhero in this game! Special thanks to Doc Maggie, the guy who came upon an idea, and decided to do Super Tony wars game with me.


Super Tony wars are single player action adventure game and it is the 2D indie platformer. It is released in 2018. and it is free, available for everyone, especially my alliance!

So, the player is Tony from TCTNGaming (it would be me), and I have to cross various visible and hidden obstacles like the invisible block, or the lost ground and trick the player that way into deadly accidents. The game is in rage style, there is over and over something more difficult and unpredictable! In the game, you can also hear a fool voice over for each character made by one and only Tony.

On each level, there is one boss character, like Thanos, and this time at the end of level we have a boss fight. I have to fight with them by myself! Who is the main boss here? How would you beat them all, when the guy who you control is only in a black t-shirt, shorts, and red slippers?! That is just my style, and I assure you together we can win!

Where is that crazy game Super Tony wars?!

Just click the download button, play and find out more details!


TCTN GAMING What's Up Guys, my name is Tony and Welcome to TCTNGaming channel! TCTNGaming is all about playing games & having fun with mods, challenges, and more crazy stuff! :) I love gaming, love my dog, Molly the pug, love funny moments and love you, my TCTN crew! I like playing all kinds of games, but mostly role-playing, sandbox, simulation, and horror games. My favorite games to have fun in are GMOD, GTA 5, FNAF and... MY ABSOLUTE favorite series - I Killed… WHO?

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